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 The Next Dimension

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PostSubject: The Next Dimension   The Next Dimension I_icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 1:20 am

Alright well considering this is the Dragonball Universe everyone is bound to end up here sooner or later.
Alright so their are rules to all aspects,

When you arrive you are sent to the check in station where you will meet King Yemma (NPC of Course) he will then of course send you to a place based on your alignment.

The options are simple your either chosen for heaven or hell, Unless of course you request to undergo training (Only works for the good) Then King Yemma will decide your fate.

Good Areas]
Heaven: If you are sent to heaven there is no training but you can travel around and any fighting and you are kicked from heaven and sent to hell which will also subtract 4 from your alignment.

King Kai: Unlike the series you may select your own Kai to train under, each kai has their own special stats they train and technique. Also each time you return you may train under a new kai.

North Kai:
Stat: Ki
Technique: Kao Kin (x2, x4, x6, x10, x20) Each x2/4/6/10/20 is how much your stats ki and strength are doubled

South Kai:
Stat: Strength
Technique: Fusion, you learn the traditional dance of Fusion and can now teach others the technique as well.

East Kai:
Stat: Speed
Technique: Instant Transmision

West Kai:
Stat: Strength
Technique: Kai Fighting Style (Increases strength by 300)

Grand Kai: Once you have learned from all four king kai's you can now travel to grand kai's planet and train under him.

Grand Kai:
Stat: Strength & Speed
Technique: Grand Kai Fighting Style (Increase strength & speed by 600)
Spirit Bomb (Able to Destroy planets)

Supreme Kai: Once you have learned from all five kai's you can now travel to supreme kai's planet and train under him.

Supreme Kai:
Stat: Strength, Speed, & Ki
Supreme Kai Fighting Style (Increase strength, speed, & Ki by 600)
Mystic Form (Increase strength, speed, & ki by 400 and can only combo with Supreme Kai Fighting Style)

Bad Areas]
Hell: Basically the same as Heaven except you may train and create riots or fight.
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The Next Dimension
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