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 Alignment Rules

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PostSubject: Alignment Rules   Alignment Rules I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 9:13 pm

Each character starts off with a Neutral alignment. It is then up to you on which path you want to take: a life of good or one of evil. Based on your characters actions, your alignment points will either go up (towards good) or down (towards evil). For example, killing someone after a battle might take points away while helping someone in a quest might add them. Once you become Lawful Good, you may never become Chaotic Evil. The same holds true if you are Chaotic Evil you may never become Lawful Good. Once you are either of these extremes, you will be required to keep the "Lawful" or "Chaotic" on your alignment tag at all times. Therefore, if you hit Lawful good and then later become evil, you will be "Lawful Evil."

Alignment Scale
-8 | Chaotic Evil | -6 | -5 | -4 | Evil | -2 | -1 | Neutral | +1 | +2 | Good | +4 | +5 | +6 | Lawful Good | +8

All numbers in yellow constitute a neutral alignment. Once you reach +3 you will have a "Good" alignment while you will be "Evil" if you are -3. Once you obtain +7, you will be "Lawful good" while "Chaotic Evil" if you reach -7.

Good Advantages & Disadvantages

[+] Only those +3 or above can use the techniques: Heal, Spirit Success Cannon, Luciendar Light Assault, Kamehameha, Kamehameha Energy Dan, Super Kamehameha, and Final Kamehameha.
[+] Receive +3% Charisma while at +3 Alignment or above.
[+] Several "Good Only" items and quests.
[+] Receive +2 bonus Strength per week from jobs "Teacher," "Sensei," and "Master."
[+] Can use Dojo of Light and train with Grand Kai.
[+] Take 50% reduced damage from Spirit Bomb.
[+] Celestials deal bonus damage to evil enemies when good.

[-] Cannot have a job in the Criminal job path.

Lawful Good Advantages & Disadvantages

[+] Only Lawful Good can use Spirit Bomb and Spirit Sword.
[+] Only Lawful Good can use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
[+] Only Lawful Good can have Guru unlock their potential.
[+] If Lawful Good, take 100% reduced damage from Spirit Bomb.
[+] Receive +3% Charisma bonus while retaining Lawful tag (stacks with Good bonus).

[-] If Lawful Good, cannot Sneak Attack other Lawful Good players.

Evil Advantages & Disadvantages

[+] Only those -3 or below can use the techniques: Galactic Tyrant, Flames of Hell, Daichiretsuzan, Chouz Canosama, Hokaku Kon Dan, Explosive Demon Wave, Planet Cracker, Planet Geyser, and Mortoseth Shadow Assault.
[+] Receive +3% Determination while at -3 Alignment or below.
[+] Can use the best Henchmen.
[+] Several "Evil Only" items and quests.
[+] Receive +50 Zeni per week from jobs "Criminal," "Crime Boss," and "Crime Lord."
[+] Can enter Saiba Training Center on Vegeta.
[+] Can use Dojo of Darkness and Train with Lucifer.
[+] Celestials deal bonus damage to good enemies when evil.

[-] Cannot have job of Teacher.
[-] Must go to Hell if killed.
[-] Cannot wish anybody of Good alignment back to life.
[-] 15% chance of being instantly killed if successfully hit by a Spirit Bomb.

Chaotic Evil Advantages & Disadvantages

[+] Only Chaotic Evil may use Genocide Attack and Revenge Death Ball.
[+] Only Chaotic Evil may use Tree of Might Seed.
[+] Receive +3% Determination while retaining Chaotic tag (stacks with Evil bonus).
[+] May perform +1 Action in their first battle post.

[-] If Chaotic Evil, cannot use Capsule Corp items.
[-] If Chaotic Evil, 25% chance of being instantly killed if successfully hit by a Spirit Bomb.
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Alignment Rules
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