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PostSubject: Anomaly   Anomaly I_icon_minitimeThu May 16, 2013 8:21 am


People of this race are clearly human in appearance, and they may even be human, but there are some rather drastic differences that dig deeper than skin. Those that don't know what they are even claim to be humans. They're an unknown factor. A race forgotten to the point that the few left in existence usually aren't aware of it themselves, and are thus merely called Anomalies in the modern world when they do appear, or just considered human if the person isn't even aware of what they are.

In truth, Anomalies are descendants of a particularly powerful group of humans that were apparently blessed with power from the gods, given a means to fight on equal grounds with the likes of Saiyans and Namekians that may try to conquer them. This blessing, however, came at a heavy price.

At the age of 10, which for most Anomalies is enough time spent training to ascend to what some would consider Godhood, they are struck down by an unknown force, presumably the Gods from above, and forget all memories of their powers, their friends and family, and everything that happened beforehand, and are then warped to a place on Earth far away from where they once were. Hence, they must start anew, if they're even given a second chance; most Anomalies live the rest of their lives normally, never coming to the revelation of who they once were.

Despite the setback, they contain a hidden potential that makes them almost unrivaled when their power is mastered.


- Anomalies gain access to a special type of Ki in the form of a black, misty aura which can be shaped and formed to suit the user's personality and fighting preference, utilizing the power of their former God selves.

- Very powerful transformations that don't require training to maintain.

- Their power runs partially on emotions, and as such all attacks become 100% stronger when an Anomaly is enraged or witnesses a great trauma or otherwise life-threatening event.


- Anomaly characters can only start between the ages of 10 to 16.

- Anomaly characters must start on Earth.

- They can search for or hunt Dragonballs to give others, but cannot use them to make a wish due to past history and conflict between the dragons and the ancestors of the Anomalies. They can still be revived if a non-Anomaly wishes it, however.

- Only 6 Anomaly characters can exist in the RP at one time.

- They rely too much on their own Ki abilities, and thus Ki attacks that aren't of Anomaly nature will be reduced by 50% in terms of power and effectiveness.



Requirements: Met with a particularly challenging obstacle above the user's current abilities, they subconsciously activate memories their body hasn't forgotten, unleashing a portion of their original power for a period of time. After fulfilling this condition and activating this for the first time in a thread, the user can undergo training to willingly enter this state whenever they must.

Abilities: The user's Ki rushes up by 400, and they gain an additional 30 speed and 30 strength. In return for this, however, they lose virtually all emotion and can have trouble telling friend from foe if someone were to get in their path. As such, it's a double-edged sword that trades their humanity for a surge of power. This state is in effect until the user willingly powers down, which will reduce their normal Ki by 500 for 2 posts afterwards due to the sudden shift.


Requirements: While in Trance, the user must willingly fight to gain control of their emotions while maintaining the rush of power. This will vary with personality, but it's an incredibly hard feat to pull off, and requires intense concentration, experience and determination. In short, the user must make a training thread for this, consisting of a total of 4000 words or more, whether with someone else or solo. The prerequisite to make this thread, however, is that you must first have 100 IC posts. Trance cannot be used after learning Awakening.

Abilities: The most notable thing is the increase in Ki by 1650, as well as a speed increase of 200 and a strength increase of 200. The user's eyes turn a glimmering midnight blue, and a flame-like black aura radiates off of them endlessly. The user gains a personality similar to how they were in Trance, but fully aware of their actions and are in full control. Their Ki attacks also deal 50% more damage than usual.


Requirements: The user must engage in a fight to the death with a fellow Anomaly after both of them reach at least 150 IC posts each. Both fighters must have Awakening unlocked, and only after being put through hell in a painful and grueling battle consisting of at least 3 pages worth of fighting can the user unlock the final transformation. Both combatants must know each other enough to be considered best friends or lovers.

Abilities: Previous memories fill the user's head, and they can finally remember the former life they lived after using this the first time. Assuming their true form based on their abilities, which varies from person to person, they gain a 2200 Ki increase, as well as an increase of 500 to all other stats. All Anomaly Ki attacks are increased in power and overall effectiveness by 100%, and they may gain other strange and otherworldly abilities depending on what form they take (Which will be described as one of their techniques, of course).
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