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 Operation get the Balls {WIP}

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Operation get the Balls {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: Operation get the Balls {WIP}   Operation get the Balls {WIP} I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 8:26 pm

Android Z had touched down on this planet called Namekian the mission given by his master find and return the dragon ball from this planet.Android Z was careful and destructive about the enemy the Nemekian in who share the same features was the enemy in which he had to obliterate before they called reinforcements Android Z destroyed the robots with ease due to the fact they had such low tech on them it was basically like fighting a dust bunny you are going to win no matter what happens that is what Android Z had noticed The android destroyed Building that did not have the dragon balls in them marking them with a N to not confuse himself when he passes them Android knew his master was working his hardest fighting the enemy to gain more Zeni the least He could do is find a simple orange ball that basically glows as The Android grew closer the harder the enemies became Z found himself fighting Nemekian dogs and Nemekian wolfs still simple for the android that had been modified to the best to find and destroy anything the master needed Z came upon a desert wasteland thinking the Dragon Ball was the looked threw it when he found nothing the robot destroyed the wastelands and made it a Creator the size of a mountain Z has had enough he just started destroying every Nemekian he saw continued to look threw abandoned houses Z had destroyed most of the little city with no luck finding the dragon balls ""
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Operation get the Balls {WIP}
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