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World Martial Arts Tournament has begun!



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PostSubject: FU-SiON-HA!   FU-SiON-HA! I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 2:45 am

Broku walked on to the planet and towards the little home "Welcome Broku Yemma told me you were coming, are you ready to begin? Haha" Kai walked in front of Broku "Let's go then Fusion time!" He began to explain each detail slowly and clearly. "To correctly perform the Fusion Dance, the fusees must create a perfectly symmetrical image of one another. The Fusion Dance is a short series of poses that are performed by two characters of equal power levels and roughly equal size. The result of a correctly performed Fusion Dance is a superior being whose power is multiplied severalfold over that of the individual fusees. If one character performs the dance wrong, then it will result in an obese or a skinny character who is much weaker than either fusee individually." Broku then knodded as they jumped a part and began to preform the technique, the first attempt resulted in a skinny weak freak. 30 minutes passed and they were released from the bond and tried again this time it was successful and created a power said to be felt in other planets. After the training Broku left the planet and went back to snakeway to begin his journey back to the Check in station.


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