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 Ices training

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PostSubject: Ices training   Ices training I_icon_minitimeSat May 18, 2013 2:54 am

Ice had ran the path of the snake with Broku but Ice had to leave him and join the northern kai for training and started to train his Kao Kin X2 the Northern kai whacked Ice with his sword in the case "Don't do it yet you have not even tried to train for it" Ice looked at the Kai in pain "Train me faster then i need to get stronger for my friends" As ice said the the supreme Kai answered his question "You need to get motivated now break that tree without making 1 tree leaf fall." Ice ignored his request and continued going for a Kao Kin X10 he actually managed to pull it off and continued to go onto Kao Kin X20 putting stress on his body Ice did not care he needed to master this move and conquer planet Frieza as Ice managed to do Kao Kin X20 the northern Kai released him and said "Don't come back"
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Ices training
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